Code of Conduct

Anime Houston is a safe, inclusive space. We ask all attendees, staff, guests, performers, and contractors to abide by the same rules.

If you ever feel unsafe, please come directly to Con-Ops, on the second level (see map for location). If you are in immediate danger, call 911. Anime Houston staff members wear Staff lanyards and badges for easy identification; many are also wearing blue Staff shirts. Any Staff member will be happy to help you to Con-Ops, or contact a Safety Staff member to escort you.

Weaponry/Prop Policy

Safety at our event is paramount. Real firearms, ammunition, and any weapon or toy capable of firing a real projectile, including airsoft and BB guns, are prohibited, except for bows and crossbows rated for 30 pounds or less. Per Texas state law, lawful concealed firearms may be transported directly from a vehicle to a reserved guest room, and directly from a reserved guest room to a vehicle. Under no circumstances may any firearm be carried openly inside the hotel or convention space. Arrows or bolts with sharp tips or metallic tips of any kind are prohibited. Airsoft guns are permitted only if the firing mechanism has been completely removed, and are equipped with a blaze orange tip in compliance with US federal law. Bladed weapons must be carried in a sheath or scabbard to which they may be secured to prevent removal, regardless of sharpness.

All prop weapons, regardless of size, and all large props, must be checked at Registration upon entry. Our staff will affix a colored wire tie to all checked props to verify that they have been checked; bladed weapons will be secured in their sheaths or scabbards, and prop guns will have a tie affixed around the trigger. If a prop is not permitted, it must be stored outside of the convention space, such as in a hotel room or vehicle. Exposed blades which cannot be sheathed, including metallic keyblades, may not be carried at Anime Houston. Anime Houston does not confiscate or take possession of attendee property, and we cannot hold prohibited items for you.

Rough play, fighting, and pointing weapons at others are expressly prohibited. The only time a prop weapon may be pointed at another is during a supervised photo shoot or performance where all weapons have been checked and verified by Anime Houston Safety staff immediately beforehand. Under no circumstances may bladed weapons with sharpened edges be brandished or swung.

Harassment and Safety Policy

Hate speech of any kind is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, the use of slurs and the display of hate symbols. Anime Houston is organized, staffed, and attended by people representing numerous ethnicities, cultures, and identities. We respect women, BIPOC, and the LGBTQIA+ community.

Harassment and bullying will not be tolerated. Sexual harassment, stalking, and non-consensual photography will not be tolerated. Crowd shots are generally permitted, but please ask consent before photographing individuals. Many cosplayers are happy to have their photos taken. (If you are a cosplayer, please know that you are always allowed to say no.) If someone declines a photo, please accept their answer gracefully – do not try to argue or change their mind.

Cosplay is not consent. Never touch another person without their clear, enthusiastic consent.

Cosplay of all kinds is welcome; clothing must cover enough of the body so as to satisfy all relevant state and local laws pertaining to public decency. In short, anything you could legally wear to a public beach in Texas is welcome at Anime Houston. Footwear is required per Hyatt Regency Houston rules.

Anime Houston Safety staff and Hyatt Regency Houston Security work closely together to create a safe environment. We want everyone to have a safe, incredibly fun weekend, and we never wish to remove someone from the convention. However, if someone is infringing upon the right of any Anime Houston attendee(s) to enjoy a safe, fun weekend with us, we reserve the right to reject any person from the convention, without refund. Hyatt Regency Houston Security also retains the right to eject any person who disrupts the operations of the hotel.

Drug, Alcohol, and Theft Policy

Drug use and underage drinking are prohibited at Anime Houston. Underage drinking will result not only in ejection from the convention, but may result in eviction from the hotel, at Hyatt Regency management discretion.

Vandalism and theft will not be tolerated. Damage to hotel property drives up hotel costs and harms the community. The vast majority of vendors and artists are small businesses, some are hobbyists, and what may seem like a small thing to you may do great harm both emotionally and financially. Please respect the hard work and artistry of the fine folks who are the heart of our Expo Hall.

Vendors and Artists Policy

Only authorized vendors and artists may offer items and services for sale at Anime Houston. Advertising or distribution of flyers is prohibited unless authorized in writing by Anime Houston leadership, or approved by Con Ops on site. If you’re interested in advertising a convention or other project of interest to the community, come talk to us!

Weapons may not be sold in the vendor hall or artist alley; however, swords and other blades may be sold, under the following conditions:

-The item is sold inside a box, scabbard, or other container which is thoroughly secured with tape or other closures such as wire ties.

-The purchaser is reminded that it may not be removed from its container on convention grounds, unless brought to Prop Check at Registration, or Con-Ops after Registration hours.

Only approved artists and vendors may offer products or services for sale at Anime Houston.

Pornography, drug paraphernalia, tobacco products and paraphernalia, cannabis products, and illegal items of any kind may not be sold at Anime Houston.

Infringing merchandise, commonly referred to as “bootleg,” is prohibited at Anime Houston. Fan art inspired by popular media is always welcome. Directly copying or tracing official artwork or the work of other artists is strictly prohibited. Using names, symbols, or other protected imagery or marks in violation of federal intellectual property laws is strictly prohibited. If a vendor or artist’s offerings largely conform to our rules, and some items are deemed in violation, they will be asked to remove those items from display and sale. Refusal to remove items deemed in violation of Anime Houston policies will result in ejection.

Anime Houston reserves the right to eject any vendor or artist for violating these or any other rules, at its sole discretion, without refund.

COVID-19 Policy

Anime Houston maintains a sharp focus on health and safety during the weekend that you’ll be visiting us in Downtown Houston. We have been – and will continue to be – vigilant regarding COVID-related conditions in Houston and currently have in place the following COVID policy:

In keeping with guidelines put forth by the CDC, State of Texas, City of Houston and the Hyatt Corporation, we will not be implementing a mask mandate during the convention, but for the continued safety of our convention staff, guests, vendors and attendees, we recommend that everyone wear masks for indoor events, maintain social distance and use hand sanitizer.

To contribute to a safe and healthy environment, Anime Houston is also taking the following precautions:

  • Hand sanitizing dispensers will be accessible throughout the event spaces of the hotel. We recommend individuals use hand sanitizer when entering any open space including our artist alley, vendors hall and game room.
  • The convention staff will sanitize high-contact surfaces in each panel room or performance area between all events and each night.
  • We urge attendees not to travel to Anime Houston if they are either feeling ill or are diagnosed without symptoms. We are, accordingly, quite happy to offer a refund (or replacement pass for Anime Dallas 2022 or Anime Houston 2023) to any who needs to cancel their visit to our convention because of illness.

Our partners at the Hyatt Regency have made clear that they are also dedicated to ensuring that any attendees staying at the hotel can feel safe and secure. To that end, they are happy to provide additional sanitation measures for guest rooms and supply hand sanitizer and/or masks to rooms, upon request.

We will be monitoring closely to learn if any official guidelines should change in lead-up to, or during, the weekend of August 12. If they do, we will modify our policy accordingly and make announcements on this site, across our social channels and at the convention itself.

We thank you for your help to meet our goal of a safe, enjoyable weekend for all, and we look forward to seeing you in Houston!

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