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PAiDA the Space City Idol has been performing idol and anisong music around the world since 2014 and has amassed nearly 200k followers on TikTok with her creative song translations from English to Japanese. With the debut of first ever music video for her Single “Future☆★Town” out now, she continues to put in motion a grander plan of saving the Earth, and maybe humanity if we can clean up our act in time. 

Shōgeki Sumo

Shōgeki Sumo’s mission is to help break misconceptions such as the current social ideas of what Sumo Wrestling is and to show that it is a very “real” martial art and combat sport. The relationship between samurai and sumo reaches far into Japan’s history and culture, and that samurai spirit is something that our head coach Nicholas Ton tries to instill and bring out from the members, While competition is not required, the majority of our team trains to be competitive and we host an annual tournament as well as travel to other cities/states to compete in other tournaments as well. The burst of energy and adrenaline makes sumo as physically and mentally intense as any sport can be. We are always accepting members, if interested in joining or if you have any questions please email Nicholas Ton at shogekisumo@gmail.com.

Texan Heat Nerdlesque

Established February 12th, 2016, Texan Heat Nerdlesque is one of the first nerdlesque-centric troupes based in Texas! Proudly queer-owned, we aim to share performances from individuals just as diverse as the fandoms where each of us reside! For Anime Houston 2023, we are excited to share “Steamy N’ Streamy”, a nerdlesque show centering around some of our favourite streaming sites, like Funimation and Crunchyroll, VTubers, and other unique media centered around streaming! We are excited to bring you these talented performances and hope you enjoy the show!

Streaming websites have completely changed the way we view popular media. This nerdlesque show is a tribute to all things steamy on these streaming sites! Whether you had a thing for Rouge the Bat from Sonic X, or Seto Kaiba from Yu-Gi-Oh, or other anime favourites you can watch on Funimation, Crunchyroll, Netflix, and more, everything we are featuring, you can watch online on these sites! We will also be giving some love to our favourite VTubers, ARG Games, and others that specifically appear on various streaming services! Come see us live! We hope you enjoy our last Anime Houston show!

Anime Gone Metal

A native Texan, David Saborio is a professional musician and a guitar extraordinaire who shreds the strings like no other. His versatility and performing experience demonstrates the prolific skill he holds throughout his repertoire with multiple styles from different genres including fingerstyle classical, blues, RnB, rock, jazz, and of course metal.
David is also a Guitar Performance graduate from Berklee College of Music and studied under the greatest guitarists of all time… from jazz/fusion phenomenon, Scott Tarulli to the great metal shred lord, Joe Stump. So if you know, you know that David has become a force to be reckoned with in both the metal and anime community. This man is mad bonkers on the guitar and will only leave you wanting more after the show is over.

So if you like anime and metal, join David Saborio for his concert, ‘Anime Gone Metal!’ where he transforms traditional anime openings, soundtracks, and themes into heavy guitar-driven metal remixes filled with beautiful melodic phrasing and blistering solos. 
This will be a spectacle you don’t want to miss! So get ready to rock out to ‘Anime Gone Metal’!

Assuming Positions: A Positively Nerdy Podcast!

Under the banner of a scandalous name, a new era of certified non-toxic fan culture has emerged. Two nerds, aided by their legion of Positrons and a whole lot of pizza, have arrived to bring positivity back to fandom!

Kevin and Mykie delve into various pop culture discussions, going down dorky rabbit-holes to debate and deconstruct the things they love to see how they work, and what makes them so cool.

If you share their love of a good story, have an affinity for the odd or unusual, and get a kick out of digging into the nitty gritty of what makes certain pieces of pop culture fascinating then listen in, grab a slice of pizza and chat along with us!

Kevin and Mykie have been entertainment guests, featured hosts, moderators and celebrity interviewers at numerous conventions including A-Kon, Anime Dallas, Fandom Legacy, FenCon, and the Lone Star Game Expo.

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Come celebrate idols at Anime Houston’s 1st ever Idol Festival, ANI-IDOL HOUSTON! This event is a concert style event that will showcase wonderful idol performers from Houston and maybe all of Texas! Bring your best energy, lightsticks/penlights and chants to this great first time event!

We strive to bring a great experience for the performers and crowd. We want to show everyone idol culture and how fun these events can be! Your hosts are LOVE BOMB IDOLS and they’re bringing their best idol energy and knowledge all the way from Dallas! Come discover the world of idols, we really hope to see you there!


Providing multiple mainstage performances, Norsefyre creates engaging themed stage events incorporating a multitude of skills including aerial silks, juggling, acrobatics, LED spinning, and more. As the name suggests, Norsefyre also provides fire acts – due to insurance and safety requirements, no fire performances will be possible this year.

Norsefyre is a collaboration between artists, instructors, and performers which creates wonderful opportunities for the performing arts community. As well as inspiring and entertaining audiences all over the USA, Norsefyre has several touring academy instructors who travel and teach circus arts to aspiring performers and the casually interested alike.

Photo by Curtis McClain

Kaminari Taiko

Kaminari Taiko of Houston was founded in 1996 by Jay Mochizuki along with talented musicians from diverse backgrounds. Members have trained under world-acclaimed taiko masters, including Daihachi Oguchi and Seiichi Tanaka, to learn the fundamental skills, philosophy, and spirit of this centuries-old Japanese tradition. 

Kaminari has toured to over 20 cities, performed hundreds of concerts, and developed into a prominent performing ensemble. Kaminari’s dynamic taiko performances, a fusion of traditional and modern styles, are powered by an arsenal of over 30 professional-quality taiko. Kaminari performers refine their skills, teach taiko lessons for all ages, and provide community workshops. Kaminari’s work has been recognized by the Consulate General of Japan in Houston, the City of Houston, the Japan America Society, and the Asia Society, among others.

Photo by Curtis McClain

Nevos Tyler

A musician since the age of 12, Nevos refined his skill to flex and spit dope lyrics showcasing his ability to deliver an amazing performance. Nevos brings the grassroot hip-hop style of Chicago, gritty sound of Richmond VA., and explosiveness of Las Vegas to every record he produces, every song he writes, and to every performance! Often times with a nerdy twist.