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2022 Cosplay Guests

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Mystix Panda

Mystix is a cosplay veteran of 15+ years. She has done almost everything in the convention scene, from attendee to cosplay guest – even behind the scenes. She loves crafting days with friends, building props, and styling wigs. She is also an artist who loves to draw and paint. She has a wide variety of cosplays, from comic characters, cartoons, anime, and movies, to original characters. She is the Cosplay Department Head of both Anime Houston and Anime Dallas. If you would like to follow her future cosplay adventures go follow her Instagram!


PlushsizeNova has been cosplaying for over 10 years. She had learned her love for anime and for sci-fi could be translated into costumes and makeup. She had always believed that cosplay could be for everyone and made it a point to support inclusiveness in the community, advocating for plus size cosplayers and those who believed they could not participate in cosplay because of their unique size or appearance.  Follow PlushsizeNova’s Instagram for her cosplay adventures!

Alecta Arcana

Alecta has been cosplaying for over 8 years. She is known for her crafting skills as well as her coordinating experience. She guests and coordinates cosplay contests for conventions across Texas and Oklahoma. She most recently made headlines around the world for her genderbent Moro from the Dragon Ball Super manga. She is also the co-cosplay coordinator for anime Houston. Follow her Instagram for more!


Katie Blake AKA Illuminatikittn has been a crafter and cosplayer for 6 years. A lifelong gamer, she specializes in video game costumes. She has created numerous cosplays ranging from games, anime, comic book characters, and more. Come visit her at her booth and say hi. Visit her instagram to see more of her work!

BFG Cosplay

BFG Cosplay is an Oklahoma/Texas cosplayer who utilizes skills in foamsmithing, make-up fx and creature design to produce award winning cosplays while building body positivity and growing the fandom community. If you wish to see more, follow on Instagram!


“Hiya! My name is Shavette, AKA Kagonineko! I’m 28 years old and the happy mother of a little boy. I have been cosplaying for 10 years now . My favorite hobbies are cosplay, drawing, and sewing . My favorite foods are salmon sushi, ramen noodles, and ice cream.” You can find her on Instagram for more!

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