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Mystix Panda

Pro Content Creator 

Misty D Panda is a professional Content creator. She creates content of all kinds. She started out being a professional cosplayer and has been cosplaying for about 15+ years. She just started her new Youtube channel and her new magazine ( Pandamonium Magazine) Comes out next month. She is an avid gamer, TikToker, clapper creator, loves to stream, make videos, collab and share her knowledge. She is a cosplay liaison and coordinator and can’t wait to meet everyone.


Professional Cosmaker/Foamsmith

IlluminatiKittn is an award-winning cosplay maker specializing in foam smithing and cosplay sustainability. IlluminatiKittn’s most recent cosplay as Aloy from Horizon Forbidden West has been awarded the FanExpo Dallas Sustainability Award for being 80% eco-conscious and the Craftsmanship Best in Show at San Antonio’s Superhero Comic Con and Car Show.  As a long-time gamer and fan of unique designs, she leans toward costumes of the video game genre, crossovers, and her own designs. Always happy to represent the best in Texas cosplay, she is honored to be a guest at Anime Houston.”

BFG Cosplay

Foamsmith and Special FX Creator

BFG Cosplay is an Oklahoma/Texas cosplayer who utilizes skills in foamsmithing, make-up FX and creature design to produce award winning cosplays while building body positivity and growing the fandom community.

Miss OoLaLa

Professional Cosplayer

Miss OoLaLa is a Louisiana cosplayer with a passion for video games (especially classic RPGs), anime, Marvel, DC, Magic the Gathering, Star Wars, and is an aspiring voice over artist. Outside of cosplay, she works as a freelance voice over artist with a background in broadcasting, and has worked as a radio host in different cities across south Louisiana. Miss OoLaLa can be seen in her natural habitat at various anime conventions and comic-cons in the south, bringing her latest creations to cosplay competitions. She has won awards for her cosplays of Raven from Teen Titans, Aerith from Final Fantasy VII, Princess Serenity from Sailor Moon, and most recently won the award for Best Intermediate Crafsmanship with a Panty and Stocking duo at CyPhaCon! She’s also won two Arda Wigs contests, and is a published cosplay model in several magazines. | |


Professional Cosplayer/ Influencer

Nico known as Nicoolinn in the cosplay community is a Texas based cosplayer who loves doing Genderbend Cosplays and bringing peoples fanart to life!  ” I think it’s amazing how much cosplaying can help one with meeting people and helping you overcome a lot of difficulties like confidence and learning to grow ! Anime has brought me alot of joy since I was younger and I’m glad I get to call it my career now ! ” —– Nicoolinn


Professional Cosplayer

CREATIVERA1N is a 4 time published Cosplayer. Based out of Houston, TX and is well known for his Maui and Bowser among many other cosplays. He will be joining us this year so be sure to check him out.


Professional Cosplayer

OhMitsooki is a nonbinary(they/them), Hispanic cosplayer. They have been cosplaying since 2004 and have been competing off and on since 2008, earning multiple “Best of” awards throughout that time. They earned a BFA in Theater for Costume Design and Technology from the University of North Texas and were able to work as a Costume designer and Assistant Costume designer for various shows at UNT as an undergrad. 

They currently work in the anime industry as a production manager and some of their past achievements include working in Cirque du Soleil’s Amaluna as a Wardrobe Assistant and a few special projects for Rick and Morty. Their specialties are wigs and embroidery. They enjoy meeting others who share similar interests as them and like seeing people’s cosplay progress.

Sabre Grey Cosplay

Professional Streamer/Twitch Affiliate

Not only does she stream a variety of games on Twitch but she loves all things horror, video game, and anime since childhood and loves recreating her favorites in cosplay. She is a seamstress and does prop/armor builds as well.

Special Cosplay Appearance

Lizzy Hedgehog

Special Cosplay Appearance

Lizzy began her love for Sonic early in life when at age 11 doctors discovered a brain tumor who’s removal would require a long rehab and recovery process. She found strength and encouragement in watching and playing as Sonic the Hedgehog while fighting for a strong and speedy recovery. Since then, this hedgehog has overcome physical therapy, bullies and is intent on helping others by spreading her story. Her love of video games grew into cosplay and she knew when she began cosplaying, she would have to represent her most beloved character, Sonic.

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